来年8月に横浜市で開かれる第7回アフリカ開発会議(TICAD 7)の名誉大使を務めることになったMISIA。




Good evening, I am TICAD Honorary Ambassador MISIA.


This is the seventh TICAD. So, I’d like to talk about my seven encounters in Africa.


The first is the SOUL MUSIC. African music is what has influenced me the most.


The second is the countries. In 2007 I visited Kenya and since then I’ve been to many countries.
“Those who drink the water of Africa will return”, well, that is definitely me!


The third is the vibrant culture and fashion.


The fourth is the messages from the people.
It is said that “Wherever there is music, there is never any fighting”.  Singing together is a prayer for peace.


The fifth is the children and education.
I’ve been supporting education for eleven years. A girl once told me “I learned a lot. It can’t be stolen.” Learning is an asset.


The sixth is the power of the music. I’d like to do a live show with the theme of Africa.
I’m the chair of a group called mudef, the “MUSIC DESIGN FOUNDATION”. I believe that we can make a better society through music and art.

私も理事を務める団体の名はmudef。「MUSIC DESIGN FOUNDATION」です。音楽とアートは社会をよりよくしていくと信じています。)

And the seventh is TICAD. There is an Africa proverb, “Mountains don’t meet, people do”.
I think this is the message that we are meeting and building relations.


Life is going on and on. I trust that our TICAD meeting will lead us to a great future!