HOPE FOR JAPANパートナー団体の追加について About the additional ‘Hope for Japan’ partner organization

東北地方太平洋沖地震への緊急支援「HOPE FOR JAPAN」では、緊急救援・医療支援の実績を持ち、行政とも連携して被災者の方々への支援を展開している団体をパートナー団体とさせていただいています。

阪神・淡路大震災の経験を活かして、子どもたちの経済的な支援や、心のケアを行うあしなが育英会が立ち上げた 「東日本大地震・津波遺児募金」をパートナ団体に追加させていただきました。



HOPE FOR JAPAN has selected organizations that operate in the disaster-stricken area in cooperation with local government with solid accomplishment in the area of emergency relief and medical assistance as its partners.

As one of these partners, we have decided to add ‘the emergency fund for orphans from Great Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami’ founded by Ashinaga Ikuei Kai. The organization conducts financial support and mental care for orphans making use of its experience of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

The organization estimates that more than 2,500 children lost their parent because of this unprecedented disaster. We are well aware that the emotional damage takes long to cure, however, we trust your continuous support will surely help those children to put a smile back to their face.

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