HOPE FOR JAPAN募金活動@馬場フェスト2011 Fundraising campaign in BABA FEST 2011



mudefは会場内でオレンジの風船を配布。お渡しする際にHOPE FOR JAPANへ100円を寄付いただきました。お子さまに大好評で、多くのご家族から寄付が集まりました。募金総額は¥26,322となりました。


・10月30日(日)  馬場フェスト@旧西戸山中学校  ¥26,322

We carried out fundraising campaign at the event of Halloween, ‘BABA FEST’in TOKYO on October 30, 2011.

This event had first screening of the new film "Black Jack",  the Halloween costume parade, cosplay photo sessions, the concert in gymnasium and more. And a various food stall village opened here, and many visitors enjoyed it.

mudef gave balloons to the visitors. And they donated ¥100 to HOPE FOR JAPAN in exchange for a baloon.

・October 30, (Sun)   BABA FEST in ex-Nishitoyama Junior High School   ¥26,322

We sincerely appreciate your kind cooperation.

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