mudef PRESS RELEASE ‘HOPE FOR JAPAN’ Vol.2 (English)

General Incorporated Foundation mudef PRESS RELEASEHOPE FOR JAPAN Vol.2

April 13, 2011 

mudef has been carrying out ‘HOPE FOR JAPAN’ to support the emergency relief and recovery activities for the damages caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Please access the special website for details.

Two pillars for HOPE FOR JAPAN’s activities are: ‘supporting the aid activities’ for the survivors and ‘sending out messages’ to the survivors.


■ 【supporting aid activities】2nd donation has taken place
■ 【supporting aid activiries】Fundraising activities conducted
■ 【supporting aid activities】Started to support educational aid for children
■ 【supporting aid activities】Activity report of the 6 partners
■ 【supporting aid activities】Delivered relief items to the disaster-stricken areas
■ 【sending out messages】 A Message Song “Toward Tomorrow” from MISIA to encourage recovery
■ 【sending out messages】 Messages sent to HOPE FOR JAPAN
■ 【sending out messages】 Messages from around the world


【supporting aid activities】2nd donation has taken place

mudef has made the second donation from the fund it has raised through ‘HOPE FOR JAPAN’ to the 6 partners on April 13, 2011. This donation is the second one following the first one which took place on March17, 2011.

Summary of the donation is as stated below.

Fund was donated to:HOPE FOR JAPAN partner organizations

Amount of donation】 12,422,358 yen in total 
The donated fund will be spent for supporting the victims and recovery activities for the disaster-stricken areas.

【supporting aid activiries】Fundraising activities conducted

mudef would like to ask for your continuous donation to HOPE FOR JAPAN.

In order to donate, please select from among donation through bank transfer, postal transfer, and credit card transaction. In addition to the 3 methods, we accept donation through the donation boxes set up at the venues of ‘THE TOUR OF MISIA JAPAN SOUL QUEST’.

■ Dates and venues of MISIA JAPAN SOUL QUEST (Live concerts already taken place are included.)
  • Friday, April 1, 2011  ALSOK Hall (Hiroshima Prefecture)
  • Saturday, April 2, 2011  Kurashiki City Auditorium (Okayama Prefecture)
  • Friday, April 8 – Saturday, April 9, 2011  NHK Hall (Tokyo)
  • Saturday, April 16, 2011  Nitori Cultural Hall (Hokkaido)
  • Sunday, April 17, 2011  Hakodate City Hall (Hokkaido)
  • Saturday, April 23, 2011  Niigata Prefectural Civic Hall (Niigata Prefecture)
  • Sunday, April 24, 2011  Matsumoto Bunka Kaikan (Nagano Prefecture)
The performers called for donation at the venue after the live concerts.
 HOPE FOR JAPAN continues to accept donation through bank transfer, postal transfer and credit card transaction. 
We greatly appreciate your support.

  Donation through bank transfer
Bank name: Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Branch name: Shibuyaekimae branch
Branch code: 234  
Branch address: 1-2-2, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 
Branch Telephone No.: +81 (0)3 3463 7111 
Account holder (Payee’s name): Ippan zaidan houjin mudef 
Account number: 4201703; SWIFT code: SMBCJPJT 

 Donation through postal transfer
Account number: 00120-3-377839 
Account holder: Ippan zaidan houjin mudef

  Donation through credit card transaction
 Please donate through

As of April 13, 2011, the total amount of fund is as stated below. Total amount: 48,422,360 yen

*For more information on donation, please see HOPE FOR JAPAN website.

【supporting aid activities】Started to support educational aid for children

On March 25, 2011, we have decided to add Ashinaga Ikuei Kai, who provides financial aids and mental care to orphans, capitalizing on its experience from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, as HOPE FOR JAPAN’s partner. HOPE FOR JAPAN has donated 6 million yen to the organization from the fund raised on March 28, 2011.

Ashinaga Ikueikai will pay a lump sum to orphans from disasters ranging from 0-year-olds to graduate students and provide mental care through building ‘rainbow houses’.

*For more information on ‘the emergency fund for orphans from Great Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami’, please see here.

【supporting aid activities】Activity report of the 6 partners

HOPE FOR JAPAN has selected its partners from among organizations with track records in the areas of emergency relief and medical care, who are providing support to the victims of the catastrophe while working in close liaison with local governments.

Ashinaga Ikuei Kai

Ashinaga Ikuei Kai, conducting aid activities for orphans from traffic accidents, will offer ‘special lump sum’ (no need to pay back) to the orphans who have lost their parent(s) from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, ranging from 0-year-olds to graduate students. It is also implementing special measures for the scholarship programs of high schools, universities, vocational schools, various other schools and graduate schools.

It will also be planning to provide mental care to orphans by capitalizing on its experience of ‘Kobe Rainbow House’ in the areas hit by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
*For more information on Ashinaga Ikuei Kai’s activities, please see

AMDA (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia)

AMDA is the first certified Japanese non-profit organization to obtain the 'general consultative status' from the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC). It provides emergency humanitarian relief mostly in the medical and healthcare fields in case of natural disasters and disputes. It has entered the disaster-stricken areas on the next day of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and has been conducting clinical examinations in Otsuchi-Cho, Iwate Prefecture, Minami Sanriku-Cho, Miyagi Prefecture and other areas with 84 staff including 33 doctors.

AMDA plans to establish scholarship programs for high schools in the disaster-stricken areas, aiming for medium-to-long term supports.

(Photo: Giving acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. ©AMDA (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia)

*For more information on AMDA’s activities, please see

Médecins Sans Frontières Japan 

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international medical humanitarian aid organization. A team of doctors, nurses and staff in charge of logistics has been providing medical care through mobile clinic in areas around Minami Sanriku-Cho, Miyagi Prefecture, and Taro-Cho, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture. It has been providing treatment for patients with chronic diseases such as chronic kidney disease, hypertension and diabetes. It also distributes pharmaceuticals and critical materials.

*For more information on Médecins Sans Frontières Japan’s activities, please see


JEN is an international organization conducting assistance for refugees and internal displaced persons. As an emergency relief organization, it has been delivering supplies and preparing/distributing meals in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture and Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. JEN plans to implement medium-to-long term support including ‘mental care’ in the areas that are left behind despite their extensive damages (Minami Sanriku-Cho and Ishimaki City in Miyagi Prefecture).


*For more information on JEN’s activities, please see
*JEN collects emergency relief supplies on a weekly basis. For more information, please see

Civic Force (Emergency Response Team)

Civic Force facilitates coordination among non-governmental organizations, businesses, government agencies and administrative bodies to provide effective assistance in case of a large scale domestic disaster. It has been operating mostly in Minami Sanriku-Cho, Miyagi Prefecture. It has collected and delivered more than 100 tons of relief supplies, and has dispatched materials and carpenters to set up baths.

 ©Civic Force (Emergency Response Team)

 *For more information on Civic Force’s activities, please see

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ)

PWJ conducts emergency relief activities around the globe. It has delivered emergency relief supplies to Kesennuma City and Minami Sanriku-Cho in Miyagi Prefecture, Rikuzen Takada City and Ofunato City in Iwate Prefecture. PWJ will continue to procure, transport and deliver food with urgent needs and supplies including sanitary goods to the survivors living in shelters.


*For more information on PWJ’s activities, please see

【supporting aid activities】Delivered relief items to the disaster-stricken areas

In collaboration with Rhythmedia Inc., HOPE FOR JAPAN has delivered the following relief items to support the people in the disaster-stricken areas.

【Arrived at Minami Sanriku-Cho on April 5, 2011, distributed by Civic Force (Emergency Response Team).】

  • Face towel: 750 pieces
  • Bath towel: 150 pieces

【Distributed by JEN】

  • Muffler towel: 800 pieces

【sending out messages】 A Message Song “Toward Tomorrow” from MISIA to encourage recovery

MISIA has released a message song titled “Toward Tomorrow”, which has been written by her to encourage the recovery and reconstruction of the areas stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The song has been recorded during her live concert at Tokyo NHK Hall. It will be released through a limited distribution on April 27, 2011, using the sound source recorded at her live concert. Part of the sales will be donated to mudef and will be used to support the people in disaster-stricken areas through HOPE FOR JAPAN.

Under this same sky, let’s move ahead together “toward tomorrow”

* MISIA’s live concert can be seen through Youtube.

【sending out messages】 Messages sent to HOPE FOR JAPAN

Many artists have expressed their support for HOPE FOR JAPAN and have sent their messages to the initiative.(without titles, listed in the order of the message received).

  • MISIA (Musician)
  • MURO (DJ/Producer)
  • TERU(GLAY) (Musician)
  • Maki Nomiya (Musician)
  • Mitsuo Shindo (Art director)
  • David Foster (Music producer)
  • Raul Midon (Singer)
  • Toshinobu Kubota (Musician)
  • Ahmed Djoghlaf (Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity)
  • Kasongo Jean Claude Wa Kanema (Artist from Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • Douglas Wakiihuri (Kenyan Silver medalist of a Summer Olympic Games)

Messages can be found on HOPE FOR JAPAN website.

【sending out messages】 Messages from around the world

HOPE FOR JAPAN has been calling on people around the world to send their messages for the survivors in the disaster-stricken areas. So far, we have received so many messages from 15 countries and regions. There are messages from Ukrainian people who have experienced the Chernobyl accident. Messages can be found in HOPE FOR JAPAN website.

*To read messages, click here→

*To see how to post a message, click here →

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