HOPE FOR JAPAN募金活動@さつまや Fundraising campaign in SATSUMAYA

東京で店舗展開を行っている薩摩料理店「さつまや」各店舗で、HOPE FOR JAPANによる東日本大震災支援の募金活動を行いました。


●薩摩料理店「さつまや」4店舗@東京 ¥6,437


We carried out fundraising campaign at the restaurants ‘SATSUMAYA’ in TOKYO.

Donation boxes were set there and the total sum of 6,437 was raised.


We sincerely appreciate your kind cooperation.

Fore more information, plrease see SATSUMAYA website http://www.umakaumaka.com/index.html (Japanese only)

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