HOPE FOR JAPAN募金活動@OTODAMA SEA STUDIO2011 / Fundraising campaign in ‘OTODAMA SEA STUDIO 2011’

HOPE FOR JAPANの趣旨に賛同していただいた椎名慶治様が出演された「音霊 OTODAMA SEA STUDIO 2011」会場にて、HOPE FOR JAPANの募金活動を実施していただきました。


Fundraising campaign conducted in 'OTODAMA SEA STUDIO 2011'

We  carried out fundraising campaign at the concert venue of‘Yoshiharu Shiina 'OTODAMA SEA STUDIO 2011’ on Augusut 25, 2011.

Donation boxes were set at the venues and the total sum of 2,159JPY was raised.

We sincerely appreciate your kind cooperation.


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